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Google Policy Fellowships

The team at Google have announced the details of the Summer 2009 Google Policy Fellowships.

Designed for undergraduates, graduates, or law students that are interested in the world of ‘tech policy’ the Google Policy Fellowship programme is an:

…effort to replicate the success of our Summer of Code program in the public policy sphere and to support students and organizations doing work that is important to the future of Internet users everywhere

Unfortunately everywhere is the US and Canada at the moment – I really wish there was a similar programme for Europe. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity:

Those selected as fellows for the 2009 summer will receive a stipend to spend ten weeks contributing to the public debate on technology policy issues – ranging from broadband policy to copyright reform to open government.

This sounds like something our friends in the Power of Information Task Force could help facilitate, perhaps with some help from the National School of Government?

If you are in North America and want to apply, you can find more details on the Google Policy Fellowship site.  Applications close December 12, 2008.