Show us a better way…

How about letting the community decide which idea has the most relevance to them? If that isn’t possible, why not try letting the community decide on a shortlist from the PoI taskforce? The facility to vote on an idea exists on the OPSI data unlocking service, it should with the show us a better way competition as well.

Show us a better way and make citizens rise to the challenge (and obligation) of deciding what they’d like to see achieved.

We can suggest the solution to a problem fairly easily – make us own it as well.


6 responses to “Show us a better way…

  1. Oh, I LIKE that. Good idea. Was wondering how they would judge such a large number entries but that is a great thought.

  2. oh my goodness, i LOVE Show Us a Better Way!!! we need to get that built in the US ASAP.

    and yes, there should be some way to rate these ideas, rather than the committee deciding. probably something like SXSW — they are upfront about the fact that the panel programming is decided by three (nearly) equal parts:
    30% public (via panel picker)
    30% staff
    40% advisory board

    thanks for the link, justin!

  3. Hi. I think the best way is to use the peer-to-patent approach. Let people make the first selection of a shortlist, and the let government do the final decision.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion, Justin. We’re working on the judging process at the moment and an element of crowd-sourcing is definitely on the agenda for inclusion. We need to think through the mechanics of this and the normal constraints of propriety etc. but I am confident that we will be able to find a way to make this work. Will announce this on the PoI blog when settled.

    Richard Allan
    PoI Task Force Chair

  5. the peer-to-patent model is an excellent suggestion…open participation, but clear communication that the government (or PoI in this case) will be making the final decision.

  6. Richard – Great to hear that there will be an element of crowd-sourcing in deciding the winner. Recognise this isn’t without its’ difficulties -PR weeks recent blog contest springs to mind (

    David – thanks for the link to peer-to-patent I hadn’t seen it before.

    Hillary – agree the process needs to be transparent. If you liked show us a better way you might also like this:

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