The HM Gov channel, brought to you by RSS Mixer

There are a lot of ways RSS and Atom feeds can make a difference to your audience. For me it meant being able to take news releases and display them in Twitter. For others it makes life a little easier, enabling them to get the content they need so users can tell people what they think about  consultation activity.

I find that being able to aggregate UK government feeds (when you can find them) is one of the more attractive aspects of being able to subscribe to content. I can take the content that is relevant to me and then read/watch/listen to what I want, when I want. 

Aside from the fairly ridiculous situation of finding government sites without a feed, the other thing I’ve had some issues with is working out how to aggregate them.

Aggregating feeds the easy way

I’ve been playing around with RSS Mixer over the last couple of days and it looks like it could be a simple and easy to use tool for people that have little or no technical expertise. The process for aggregating feeds is much easier than services like Yahoo pipes or, the slightly complicated way I pulled things together for HM Gov news: Google reader and Twitterfeed.

I pulled together an example that aggregates several government youtube channels (if I’ve missed any, let me know). You can export the aggregated feed into a variety of formats and there’s also a Firefox extension to make collecting your feeds easier.

This isn’t rocket science, which is precisely why I like it. After all, whilst RSS/ATOM may still be an emerging idea for some parts of government, centralising content in one place isn’t.

Happy aggregating.

H/T Jukesie for the heads-up.

3 responses to “The HM Gov channel, brought to you by RSS Mixer

  1. hey cool – I blogged about meaning to do something like this just the other day. Other than Pipes and RSS Mixer did you look at any other ways of aggregating? Looking to be able to cross the less useful tools off my list of stuff to check out ;+)

  2. Have to admit, as a guy with minimal tech skills, rss mixer is one of my favourites. When I pulled the hmgov mashup together, I pulled some of the feeds through google and then back through twitterfeed.

    As for other tools – not sure there are that many out there (unless I missing something – which is entirely possible!)

  3. Smart work. Fancy making a gov Flickr one, or adding that to this?

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