Blogger drafts Palin for VP

Whilst I’m not that keen on the Republican nominees, the emerging story behind Sarah Palin’s appointment is certainly interesting. What started out as a little known fact about the Republican nomination for vice president has now been picked up by the mainstream press.

Colorado blogger, Adam Brickley, is being credited for helping raise Palin’s profile through his blog, draft Sarah Palin for vice president.

Brickley has been campaigning for Palin since February 2007. You can view more about why he thinks Palin is the right candidate on his you tube channel.

Given the level of conversation about Palin on blogs and on twitter it will be interesting to see how this develops. If Brickley was instrumental in drafting Palin, it would be nice to see him retained on the campaign longer term. Given John McCain is aware of the internet and Palin appears to have been drafted by it, perhaps Brickley could help show them how to use it to transform government services.


One response to “Blogger drafts Palin for VP

  1. She is not qualified. Not even close.

    Gavin Newsom is the Mayor of San Francisco. He governs a city that has 200,000 more people than the State of Alaska. That should put things into perspective.

    McCain has never been a mayor or a governor. Does that make him less qualified than Palin?

    Nonsense. Like McCain, Obama was a state Senator.

    Qualifications of Obama:

    Why you can’t vote for McCain:

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