At least they’re listening

This is easily one of the best examples I have seen recently of a company (EA) listening to web based conversation.

Dave Fleet’s post last week made me wonder if it was possible for government could do something similar – and then I realised we already have. Downing Street recently responded to a petition (almost 50,000 signatories) to make Jeremy Clarkson PM. Despite the criticism associated with the video, it showed Number 10 was listening to the feedback they receive. It might not be the best of responses… but they’re listening all the same.

Now… about those subtitles…

3 responses to “At least they’re listening

  1. I actually thought the Downing Street video was a good response.

    Without going into it in too much detail, I thought the video was a good marketing tactic to address the issue in the same way light-heartiness as it was given.

    No matter what it was a lose-lose situation for the Government.

    No response – Criticised for lack of acknowledgment of the e-petitions.

    Serious response – Criticised for being too anal and not having a sense of humour.

    Humorous response – Criticised for wasting tax payers’ money.

    My 2peneth worth.

  2. Yes indeed, even though I am an enthusiastic support of Jeremy Clarkson for Prime Minister, I could not understand all the criticsm of No.10. For the first time, they demonstrated that 1, they have a sense of humour and 2, they were capable of listening, even if it is the first time in 11 years.

  3. Stephen, UK Voter

    I agree with you both – I thought it was a good example of demonstrating what can be achieved when you listen to some of the channels you have available. The petitions site provides a lot of information on topical issues and could be a useful tool for many government departments in monitoring (and responding)to issues of public interest.

    There should be more of it.

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