Have I got news for you.

Well I would, or rather COI’s news distribution service would, if they enabled RSS on government news releases.

I’ve asked the good folk at OPSI to include this request as part of their public sector unlocking service.

I’m still a bit surprised that central government departments haven’t asked for this to be included before – given many of them already have rss/atom feeds on their departmental sites it would be a logical extension of this capability. Enabling RSS would also provide government sites that are a little behind in providing rss to have at least some capability to distribute their information in a manner that people like to read it.

This really is a no-brainer and should not be difficult to do. It would extend the reach of goverment communications at little or no cost (or it shouldn’t at any rate- although Simon points out in his comments that NDS may have charged over £1000 for this service in the past)

People are interested in what the government has to say; if you would like to see your government news in your rss reader, you can vote for my request here.


One response to “Have I got news for you.

  1. Great to see this has already been implemented! Well done for raising the issue and getting this sorted!

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