DC goes 3D

A few months back I was at the politics online conference and spoke with colleagues about some of the projects I’d read Washington DC’s new CTO, Vivek Kundra was working on – like putting corporate email and word processing systems into the cloud.

No surprise to see that innovation continuing then.

Dan Herman on the Wikinomics blog points to recently released data of 84,000 3D buildings for inclusion in Google Earths’ Cities in 3D program. Barney Krucoff, the GIS Manager for OCTO gives five reasons for the release of the data on Googles Latlong blog:

1. It is the right thing to do.

2. Because every neighborhood can benefit from 3D.

3. We get better 3D performance from the cloud and we don’t pay for it.

4. We want to communicate with our residents.

Very impressive stuff and something the Power of Information taskforce here in the UK seems to understand


3 responses to “DC goes 3D

  1. “gives five reasons”

    Come on what is the secret fifth reason? Transparency please.

  2. Shane

    A lack of proof-reading on my part – from memory there really were only four!

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