Digital Pioneers vs Digital People

Emma writes an interesting post today which urges greater collaboration between e-comms teams and policy officials. She challenges the civil service community to be more than a network.

This already reflects a change in use of social media, less than two weeks since the principles for civil servants participating online were announced. This step-change poses an interesting question: what’s next?

Most of the existing ukgovweb community were pioneers, now we are part of an existing network that has legitimacy: we have ‘permission’ to do what we were doing anyway.

As a community, we have a choice: be a pioneer, try new things, test new products, take a risk, or… keep doing what we were doing.

Which would you choose? Digital pioneer or digital person?

How would you innovate?

4 responses to “Digital Pioneers vs Digital People

  1. Ideally digital generalist, reality digital evangelist.

  2. I like the being on the edge best. Once something’s in the mainstream I like to hand over and work out the next thing (usually by watching others who are even more edgy than me!).

  3. Digital person, but I think there’s more to that keeping ‘doing what we were doing’.

    Pilots and experiments and new applications of new technology are fun for a while, but ultimately don’t contribute to major change in themselves. It’s the hard work of changing organisational cultures and skills that really offers that potential, constantly encouraging, fighting small battles, helping individuals one-on-one.

    Social media bumblebee, not social media butterfly.

  4. Is both an option?
    If we are truly a community, then we will be a community of people, pioneers, generalists, evangelists etc.
    As Lost ConsCIOusness reminds us , a fox is no better than a hedgehog

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