Principles for online participation – guidance for Civil Servants

Over the weekend I wrote about the value of a common disclaimer for civil servants that blog – it seems I didn’t need to worry as there are now principles for online participation in place, launched today by the UK e-government minister.

I’m not sure this will lead to an explosion of government bloggers but it does provide some sense of security for those already bloggingt. It will be interesting to see where this leads – the public sector digital community seems to be responding positively: some can already see potential in the announcement, whilst for others there is a general sense of relief.

My original post on a common disclaimer had some very helpful steers from colleagues in the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, I’d be really interested to hear what they think of the guidance, as would the team behind them.


4 responses to “Principles for online participation – guidance for Civil Servants

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  2. That really only applies to civil/public servants engaging in public participation and engagement as a representative of the government body they are employed by; whereas the discussion the other day I believe was more about people blogging about anything but who happen to be civil/public servants?

    So in that context it doesn’t really do much for that aspect of online interaction, but certainly for those who blog on behalf of their government department or agency through official channels then it’s good advice without being too restrictive.

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