Her Majesty’s news on twitter – an update


A while back I mentioned that I’d developed an aggregated news feedof UK Government press notices for Twitter. It works for me because twitter is (when it’s working) where I spend a lot of my time online.

The tool was/is far from perfect, and with some very helpful suggestions from Dave Briggs, Simon Dickson, Paul Webster, John Sheridan and a host of other peopleI have managed to improve (I think)  the content by incorporating more feeds, hash-tags and doing a bit of QA on the links. It’s not perfect – but it works for me.

One thing I haven’t been able to do is sit on the end of the account and respond. This is one of the fantastic things about the Downing Street service – civil servants, responding and providing advice in an ‘official’ capacity. This probably explains why I was only recently able to clock just over one hundred subscribers (124 today) – a feat the Downing Street feed was able to achieve in roughly an hour.

As I said in my original post, if there are any civil servants out there that would like to take ownership of the account to make it more two-way, I’m happy to hand it over.


4 responses to “Her Majesty’s news on twitter – an update

  1. Um, after my digital monastic cleansing I seem to have missed some cracking blog posts from you Justin, apologies for that. Happened to pop back into Twitter, and you happened to just have posted your post there, so I clicked. I would be interested to follow the adoption cycle for Twitter – I feel horribly guilty for just popping in and out of there, but if I stay there, it takes over my life

  2. Twitter sometimes drives me a little crazy as well. I’ve been pulling a few peoples RSS into my Google Reader from their twitter accounts. Helps that I can just scan what I think is the most important. It doesn’t make for a very clean reader though which might be a problem if you’re doing digital house-cleaning!

  3. Now, if the News Distribution Service at COI took this on, I think that would be pretty impressive…

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