By teens, for teens

Picking up on a Home Office press notice, I’ve just had a look at a new a bebo site that is a result of a creative summit between the Home Office and teenagers trying to prevent knife crime.

I’m not much of a bebo user, but the platform seems to appeal to the teenagers that the Government (and other teens) are targeting. The campaign will run for the next three years, so it will be interesting to see how the Home Office tweaks the campaign if they find it isn’t hitting the mark. Hopefully they’ll continue to have discussions with teens on the best way to prevent knife crime, and then feed this back into the campaign.

All in all though, a great example of collaboration. I hope it works.



2 responses to “By teens, for teens

  1. Yeah, of course we all hope it works. In my dealings with government, I’ve been trying to persuade them that rather than set up yet more “destinations” within social media spaces, they should rather look for the “conversation attractors” within each space and empower and enable them to become the focus for positive discussions and conversations (note not delivery of messages). It is of course very difficult to persuade those whose job descriptions as well as enthusiasms dictate an interventionist approach that actually getting out of the way and enabling those best positioned to lead the conversation to get on with it is better. I am no expert in working with young people, but as a parent I know whose words and conversations are the most attractive and carry the most weight.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the comment – I agree with you. Government should do it’s best to enable, empower and engage in existing conversations. It’s a key reccomendation in the Power of Information review.

    That the Home Office has modified a market testing approach to develop a controlled campaign led by teenagers is quite innovative (for Government) – if it works, even more so.

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