Why @DowningStreet is better than @HMGov

I had hoped that at some stage I might blog about something other than twitter, but yesterday brought news of the Prime Minister’s arrival to twitter.

There are lots of reasons why the Downing Street tool is better than the HMGOV news feed , but for me the top three would be:

1. It’s official

2. It’s [kinda] two way

3. Its one source of information – not many.

I’m really pleased that the take up of Downing Street twitter feed has been so significant, as Nick Booth points out, there wasn’t exactly a rush to follow the HMGov tool when I published it.  It’s how the take up occurred that I find really interesting. As Simon Dickson said

‘Just as interesting: I think I broke the story when I mentioned it to my own (relatively) select band of Twitter contacts. I was subscriber no3. Two hours later, we’re up to 23. Word travels fast.’

Stuart Bruce goes into a bit more detail:

‘I (245 followers) was NOT the first to Tweet or blog this story. That honour goes to Simon Dickson (39 followers) at 12:04 yesterday, mine was second at 13:18. It was just that mine got picked up by Marshall Manson (followers 150), which in turn was picked up by Steve Rubel (4627 followers). I think it’s down to the number of followers.’

With 234 followers (at last look) Downing Street has a pretty powerful conversational tool on it’s hands – It’ll be interesting to see what happens when they start talking.


7 responses to “Why @DowningStreet is better than @HMGov

  1. Don’t do yourself a disservice! Part of playing with this stuff is simply that – playing with it to see if it works. Your stuff may well have persuaded number 10 to give it a go in the first place. But of course their ‘brand awareness’ is significant higher which is probably why their followers numbers have rocketed so quickly. The fact that its official doesn’t necessarily make it better. Time will tell…

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  3. Hear hear. /hmgov proved an important concept, and it makes people feel more comfortable when they see familiar content coming through. Journey of a thousand miles, and all that. Sheer numbers don’t mean much. My own onepolitics site isn’t drawing much in the way of traffic, but it proved a few points and earned me some visibility. It’s also a site I find personally useful. Result all round.

  4. Simon/Nick/Jeremy


    If playing around with these tools encourages early adoption then I’m all for it . It will be interesting to see how the conversation develops…

  5. Taken 4 good press release stories from HMGOV feed today. It works for me !

    Doesn’t it depend what you are looking for and anyway its not comparing like for like.

    HMGOV is a feed stream, DowningStreet is a pseudo-conversational Twitterer.

    Anyway – and on my current hobby horse – can you honestly say that DowningStreet is having meaningful interactions with all the 585 people it is following ?

    Quality not quantity !

  6. So … do we know why @DowningStreet reciprocates all it’s followers?

  7. Just to state that the P.M is a total txxt, he has lost the economy,

    the confidance of the people,and also the rest of the world.

    He inherited shed loads of money and blew it.

    but not my fault “gov” it’s every body else’s fault probably the Yanks!


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